5-day motorcycle enduro trip to Morocco

5-day motorcycle enduro trip to Morocco

5-day motorcycle enduro trip to Morocco

5-day motorcycle enduro trip to Morocco. Patrick Trahan invites you to his dune paradise in Morocco. This dune training trip will teach you how to ride the dunes the right way. Every day, under Pat’s ongoing supervision, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the Sahara’s vast Chebbi erg (dune desert) on a 2019 KTM EXC 450. What’s more, Pat will guide you on a 300 km trek to the Dakar tracks for a bit of fun. Please note that this trip is aimed at intermediate and advanced enduro and off-road riders.

Day 1: Welcome at Nasser Palace, Merzouga

Your arrival time will differ depending on your hotel transfer, but your wonder will be unforgettable when you see the immense dunes from your Nasser Palace inn. A warm welcome at the famous Moroccan Tea awaits you. After dinner, in the evening, Pat Trahan will give you a short briefing.

Day 2: First warm-up on the bike and in the dunes

Once you’ve taken possession of your motorcycle, which will be assigned to you for the whole week, you’ll plunge straight into the Moroccan world: the dunes. First of all, Pat Trahan will show you the principles of safety, how to read the dunes, how to master them and also how to get out of the sand. Then, he’ll supervise you as you practice until lunchtime, when your meal will be served. After lunch, it’s customary in Morocco to take a siesta. Between noon and 2pm, you’ll never ride in the dunes – it’s the height of the heat! You’ll then have the whole afternoon to practice and improve your driving techniques in the sandy erg. Finally, in the evening, you can enjoy a well-deserved supper to the sound of local singers.

Day 3: Venturing further into the Sahara

This day of dune training will allow you to deepen your riding skills and techniques as you gradually begin to push deeper and deeper into the sandy desert and climb higher and higher dunes. Pat will guide you to a Tuareg village near the Algerian border for a short visit and then take you back to your base for lunch. After the pool and a short rest, you’ll be fresh and ready to continue your taming of the sand and finally cross the entire erg, where a camel ride awaits to carry you off into the sunset!

Day 4: Dakar trail adventure

This is the day to explore the great tracks of the Paris Dakar. To get there, you’ll first have to cross the dunes, heading towards Algeria, and join the big rolling tracks typical of rally-raids, where the Paris Dakar has always passed. Pat will then take you to a rather mysterious place in the middle of the desert (celestial staircase and the like) and we’ll come back for lunch in the rally town of Erfoud. To digest our tajine, we’ll head for the dunes and then straight to the bivouac, where a night worthy of a thousand and one nights awaits you.

Day 5: To the south, always to the south; Ouzina dunes

A day to discover a new playground, still in the dunes. You’ll enjoy a beautiful descent south to the Ouzina erg, where you’ll feast on delicious traditional Moroccan dishes prepared in a tagine served in a beautiful inn at the foot of the dunes. Pat will invite you to explore the beautiful dunes and big climbs, then guide you back over almost entirely off-road terrain to your base camp.

Day 6: Last but not least

The last day takes you back to our favorite erg Chebbi. You’ll traverse the length and breadth of it as you test your skills in some heavy-duty off-roading on your way to precious metal mines and some Berber camps. After lunch, Pat will guide you to Zagora, the town known as “The Gates of the Desert”. It’s a wonderful day, rounded off by a final evening of lively discussions and wonderful memories of an unforgettable week in the dunes of the Sahara.

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