About Morocco on a Ktm motorcycle

About Morocco on a Ktm motorcycle

MOROCCO ? A UNIQUE MOTORCYCLE ROAD TRIP, Who hasn’t dreamed of taking a motorcycle road trip to Morocco? Many motorcyclists have already been seduced by this fascinating destination at the gateway to Europe. In fact, we’d like to share with you some of our motorcycle trips in Morocco, far from the usual routes, featuring confidential spots, secret tracks and fabulous roads.

Not forgetting the cities of Marrakech, Essaouira and Agadir. You’ll be seduced not only by the beauty of the scenery, but also by the generosity of the Berbers and their legendary hospitality. Take a motorcycle tour of Morocco and discover the country in a whole new way!

About Morocco by Ktm motorcycle.

Thorough planning
Our guides conduct thorough research on all the routes we offer, including possible obstacles, alternative routes, weather problems and much more. We do the homework so you don’t have to. Motorcycle Tours in Morocco guarantees that your guide will be both courteous and well prepared. We always have a backup plan for our backup plan.

Expert Guides
All our tours are led by leaders with extensive experience in long motorcycle adventure tours. Our guides are qualified in first aid and have a thorough knowledge of mechanics, navigation and travel health.About Morocco by Ktm motorcycle.

Tailor-made trips
What sets us apart from other travel agencies is our ability to provide individualized advice based on your skill level, allowing you to ride at your own pace without feeling rushed or stressed.

Safety first
Safety is a top priority for KTM motorcycling in Morocco. We recognize the need for a clear strategy, as well as expert guides in first aid, motorcycle maintenance and general troubleshooting. In this way, we can limit the common risks you may face in different ways.

About Morocco on a Ktm motorcycle

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