About Morocco on a Ktm motorcycle

About Morocco on a Ktm motorcycle

In-depth planning
About Morocco on a Ktm motorcycle Our guides do considerable research on all the routes we offer, including potential obstacles, alternative routes, weather issues, and much more. Motorbike Tours in Morocco guarantees that your guide will be with you and well-prepared. We always have a backup plan for our backup plan.

Expert Guides
All our tours are led by leaders with extensive experience of long adventure motorcycle journeys. Our tour guides are qualified in first aid and have a thorough understanding of mechanics, navigation and travel health.

Tailor-made tours
What sets us apart from other travel agencies is our ability to provide individualized advice based on your skill level, allowing you to ride at your own pace without feeling rushed or stressed.

Safety first
Safety is a top priority for Ktm motorcycles in Morocco. We recognize the need for a clear strategy, as well as guides skilled in first aid, motorcycle maintenance and general problem-solving. In this way, we can limit the common risks you may face in different ways.

Moto Morocco Tours

Moto Morocco Tours, We organize private Motorbike tours and excursions in Morocco. For our customers we rent KTM motorcycles – model KTM 450 – 2020, Quads, Buggy for our private Moto-Tours. Many years experiences of riding KTM bikes in desert also in Atlas mountains give you guarantee of experienced drivers and guides we offer. We used to co-operate in rally Paris-Dakar few years ago while in Morocco.

Whereas our Moroccan business, Moto Morocco Tours, is based in the Merzouga Desert, where we also operate a garage and a tour office. Our fleet of 10 KTM 450 Excs is kept here.

Initially planned top-notch guided off-road excursions in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, Sahara Desert, and Pyrenees on enduro bikes made by KTM

Guided motorcycle desert trips in Morocco can be taken via several off-road locations, including the desert, gorges, and kasbahs. Real adventure on a KTM motorcycle, Quads, Buggy

About Morocco on a Ktm motorcycle

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