sand dunes merzouga

sand dunes merzouga

A small village at the gateway to the desert, Merzouga owes its renown to the high dunes of the Erg Chebbi that stretch along its edge. A mecca for Moroccan adventure tourism, the Merzouga dunes are a popular destination for travelers seeking complete immersion in a desert environment as impressive as it is breathtaking.

Located in south-eastern Morocco, 50 km from Erfoud, the village of Merzouga is a pleasant surprise. After passing through a superb variety of landscapes, you’ll come face to face with an unforgettable panorama: the dunes of Erg Chebbi. Depending on the time of your arrival, they will be draped in a yellow or ochre color that will change throughout the day.

As soon as you arrive in Merzouga, you’re immediately plunged into another world. The Saharouis, the famous blue men with their indigo blue cheich, welcome you. So do the camel drivers and their dromedaries!

You’re plunged into the indolent atmosphere of a Saharan village entirely dedicated to desert tourism.

Since time immemorial, the elders of the region have told the legend of Merzouga and the formation of Erg Chebbi. Here it is:

Long ago, the wealthy families of the village of Merzouga lived in opulence and behaved in an amoral manner. They washed their hands with milk and played with food. One day, at a village feast, they refused to offer hospitality to a poor woman and her son.

Enraged by this behavior, God himself unleashed his wrath on these depraved families by unleashing violent sandstorms. This divine punishment was of such force and ferocity that the village of Merzouga disappeared under high sand dunes. This is how the Erg Chebbi dune system came into being.

sand dunes merzouga
sand dunes merzouga

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