RENT BUGGY MERZOUGA With your feet in the sand and your head in the stars, that’s exactly what the Merzouga buggy rental agency IS Aventure offers you. You can reserve your quad or buggy and set off on an adventure in the Moroccan desert.

How does it work?

I&S Adventure welcomes both curious beginners and experienced riders. In other words, we offer excellent services to suit all tastes and levels. Choose your Buggy, the rental period and off you go to discover the beautiful Saharan landscapes. First of all, you’re free to choose the vehicle you want to drive.

What’s more, I&S Adventure offers you two equally powerful buggies: the first is the ZFORCE 800 buggy, the second is the CAN AM MAVERICK X3 buggy. Both are ideal for making your desert activity magnificent and unforgettable.Secondly, you can choose the duration of your Merzouga buggy rental that suits you best. The longer the duration, the more you’ll enjoy the amazing sites and places.

Our services are backed up by professional assistance from the young and dynamic I&S Adventure team of instructors. They’ll teach you the basics of buggy riding and guide you safely through your excursion. Our sole aim is to let you discover the dunes of Merzouga in good spirits. You can have an idea.

Where does the adventure take place?

You won’t be disappointed when you choose an I&S Adventure tour. You’re sure to marvel at the breathtaking panoramas and surprising sights you’ll see from the comfort of your buggy.

You’ll be able to explore the kingdom’s famous high desert to the full. Take a buggy ride through one of the world’s most grandiose deserts. This is the Erg Chebbi in south-east Morocco. It’s so spectacular that the deeper you get into it, the more you’ll experience a total change of scenery.

A Merzouga Buggy rental through I&S Adventure lets you discover Merzouga’s impressive Erg Chebbi. You’ll set off on a buggy ride across the immense sand dunes, passing through some remarkable sites.

How to book your Buggy?

Adventure and fun are guaranteed if you opt for a Merzouga buggy rental! Don’t hesitate to plan a full-day group booking. With your family or friends, the adventure will have a whole new charm. When it comes to Merzouga buggy rentals, there’s no better choice than I&S Adventure.

With its reasonable rates, professional team and exceptional tours, I&S Adventure is one of the best quad and buggy rental agencies in Morocco. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. What are you waiting for?


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