Rent a Quad bike in Merzouga

Rrent a Quad bike in Merzouga

Quads biking in Merzouga:
Quad biking in Merzouga is an excellent off- road exertion in the Sahara desert that promises adrenaline and lots of dust. We have organized the Merzouga quadrangle safari through the beach stacks of Erg Chebbi to enjoy and discover unknown trails, a great way tode-stress and recharge.

You do not need any former experience to join our Merzouga quadrangle stint, as it’s easy to drive and you will be accompanied by one of our educated attendants who’ll take care of you and give you tips and tricks to make your Merzouga quadrangle safari more comfortable and instigative.

Merzouga Quads highlights:
Lift through the stacks in a quadrangle vehicle.
Enter the deep desert of Erg- Chebbi.
Enjoy stirring views from the top of the beach stacks.
Choose from several departure times to suit your schedule.
Experience the exhilaration of desert racing.
Enjoy drift driving.

Here’s the Merzouga quad tour itinerary:
Quad tours in Merzouga start from 1 hour to 5 hours up to several days, the most popular quad tour is 1 or 2 hours driving in the dunes from the village to our Merzouga desert camp instead of riding a camel, or a 1 hour Quad Safari in Merzouga to watch the sunset or sunrise in the dunes from the highest point.

The 2-hour quad tour will take you to visit a nomadic desert family and a hidden desert oasis. A multi-day quad tour in Merzouga will take you to explore the Erg-Chebbi regions and spend several nights camping in the desert.

Quad tour includes:
Quad vehicle in perfect condition.
Safety helmet, gloves and goggles.
Experienced driver/guide.
Professional assistance.

rent a quad bike in merzouga
Rent a Quad bike in Merzouga
rent a quad bike in merzouga
Rrent a Quad bike in Merzouga

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